District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) Courses And Its Benefits

District Institute of Education and Training is established in the year 1986 under the guidance of  NPE which is (National policy on education). Also, In the year 1960, The national council of educational research was established along with, within the year 1970 the establishment of the State council of education research and training occurred.

Now, to focus on the ground level of education district level training council was created to focus and improve it. Under the DIET the training will concern the factors of improvement in the education of teacher educators. How can it improve and the factors which are affecting them?. Through this, the quality of the education will improve and the students will get the proper education and ethics.

Along with that, there are training as well as courses entrusted by the DIET for the teachers who are teaching elementary school students. Through this, they can develop personal working in education.

The main focus of this is to make the base of the students strong due to which they will not face any problem in the upper level of education. As we all know that, elementary education is the foundation of all the upper education which is going to be provided to the students in the future. 

For that, we need to improve the education for the teachers through which they can teach the students in an effective way. To focus on this point the central government took the step to build a council that focuses on the basic education of the children at the district level.

Along with that, it also focuses on adult education like women sensitization and much more. They also focus on the medium of education like take an example like some people in the village have not any basic education so, it hard to explain things to them.

For that, picture and videos medium can be sued to educate them on that topic. Also, through the medium of radios, we can acknowledge the people about the need for elementary education for their children by which they enroll their children in the pre-school.

The DIET is an establishment in all the districts of the states in the whole country.

The Courses That Come Under DIET

This course focuses on the teacher to educate the students who are in elementary school known by D.El.Ed (Diploma in Elementary Education).

For those candidates who are aiming to become a teacher or want to pursue their future in the field of education then this course is beneficial for you.

After completing this course you become eligible for the exam like CTET/State-Level TET exams. After clearing this exam you get an opportunity to teach in the government schools. And along with this, the candidate will get other opportunities after completing this course.

1. DIETs JBT (Junior training programme) Course

It is a course that is a diploma type focus on the development of the education of the children and teaching method of the educators. Along with that, help the teacher to improve the teaching method so they can teach in an effective way at the elementary level.

This course gives an opportunity to the teacher to teach the students who are in pre-school or even middle school students. Besides they can do a job as students counsellors, educational administrators and much more.

In this course, teachers not only learn theoretical things but learn practical ways to teach the students. Also, aim to build or develop better teaching skills in the teachers so they can teach and develop better learning skills in the students.

Course NameJBT (Junior training programme
Eligibility Criteria 10+2
Course Duration2 year
FeesApprox. 50,000 per year
  • The eligibility criteria for the course is 10+2 with any recognized board having a 50% aggregate.
  • The duration of this course is 2 years and the system is of semesters so in this you will have 4 semesters.
  • The fees of this course may vary but the approximate value is up to 50k per year.

2. DIETs DPSE (Diploma in pre-school education) Course

It is also a teaching course, through this course you will get the opportunity to teach the children who are studying in LKG, UKG. For, this course you do not need to write an exam you will get direct admission through the percentage you achieve in class 12th. Also, you can do this course only from private institutions. The fee structure of the DPSE is about 36000 per year. It is also of 2 years and semester wise system. Along with that, you get the opportunity to do a 35 days internship in the school. Through this, you will be able to have practical knowledge of how to teach and handle the students. Also, you will get the preface of the life of the teacher.

List of Benefits a Candidate Gets After Completing DIETs Course:

  • Candidate can become a content writer: Through this, your specialization in the writing get increases along with that you will write professional and attention-seeking content. And your research ability about the content and writing will also get escalates.
  • The profession as a teacher: After completing the courses you will permit to teach a specific group of students like elementary or primary schools. Along with that, you are eligible to teach some specific subjects.
  • Student Counsellor: We all need guidance at some point in our life and at the time of our school life we need that often. Through this, you can become a students counsellor who can guide the students to choose what kind of subjects and much more. Also, resolve their academic issue sometimes the students are not weak in subjects, but they took the wrong subjects which are not meant for them. By providing the right subject it will help the students to choose the right goal in their future life.
  • The profession as a Librarian: In this profession, the librarian focus on the day to day activity of the library in the school and college along with that, they need to manage the book as per the need of the students.
  • Get government jobs: Through this, Candidates get the opportunity to teach students in the government school and colleges as a teacher, all they need to crack the recruitment exam for it.

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