DIETIDAR Information: Organizational Structure, Objectives and Functions

District Institutional of Education and Training is established in the year 1986 under the guidance of  NPE which is (National policy on education). Also, In the year 1960, The national council of educational research was established along with, within the year 1970 the establishment of the State council of education research and training occurred. Now, to focus on the ground level of education district level training council was created to focus and improve it. Under the District Institutional of Education and Training (DIET) the training will concern the factors of improvement in the education of teacher educators. How can it improve and the factors which are affecting them?. Through this, the quality of the education will improve and the students will get the proper education and ethics. Along with that, there are training as well as courses entrusted by the DIET  for the teachers who are teaching elementary school students. Through this, they can develop personal working in education.


Name Of OrganisationDistrict Institute of Education & Training, Idar (Diet Idar)
Work UnderIndian Institute of Teacher Education
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Establishment of DIETIDAR

The main reason for the establishment of this is to make the base of the students strong due to which they will not face any problem in the upper level of education. As we all know that, elementary education is the foundation of all the upper education which is going to be provided to the students in the future.

Also, All the council and committees gave their reports and through the basis of the reports the government come to a conclusion which is that an amendment occurs in the education policy in the year 1976. Before this, the state is the one that implements and establish norms, Now after this amendment, not only the state, the center along the district focus on the education policies and norms. And for that day new framework of education policy for establishing which is (10 + 2 + 3) or ( matriculation + intermediate + bachelor degree).

For that, we need to improve the education for the teachers through which they can teach the students in an effective way.

To focus on this point the central government took the step to build a council that focuses on the basic education of the children at the district level. Along with that, it also focuses on adult education like women sensitization and much more.

They also focus on the medium of education like take an example like some people in the village have not any basic education so, it hard to explain things to them. For that, picture and videos medium can be sued to educate them on that topic.

Also, through the medium of radios, we can acknowledge the people about the need for elementary education for their children by which they enroll their children in the pre-school. The DIET is an establishment in all the districts of the states in the whole country.


In this, they make or establish strong relations with the elementary schools, Headmasters, teachers, Supervisors of schools, Officers of AE and the officers of the district department. It is actually have three division in which it focuses and works.

  1. National-level: The departments are NCERT, CCRT, NUEPA, NGOs who are the focus on the field of elementary education and adult education.
  2. State-level: In this, the departments are SIEMT, SCERT, SRC are only for adult education and NGOs are for elementary education.
  3. District-level: The departments come under are DEU, NGOs STEI, local radio station, village committees, IASE etc.

DIETIDAR Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of the DIET Idar is divided into 7 departments/units of branches:

  1. IFIC ( This is the department of in-service programmes field interaction and innovation Coordination).
  2. DRU( This is a Unit of the District Resource unit which focus on the non-formal and adult education).
  3. WE( This is the department focus on the work experience).
  4. P&M( This department focus on planning and management).
  5. CMDE( department focus on the curriculum, material, development and evaluation).
  6. ET( This is also a department focus on the educational technology section).
  7. PSTE( The last department focus on pre-service teacher education).

Objectives Of DIETIDAR

  • Under the policy of SCHOOL CHALO ABHIYAN, there is a task which is given to all the DIET of the country to make efforts to enrol the children between the age group of 6-14. After the establishment of the DIET, there is a survey occur in which found out that the children of the age group 6-14 are doing jobs and are not getting a proper basic education.
  • Also, focus on the improvement in the basic education of the children along with giving them achievement.
  • To provide a good trainer for the teachers through which they will learn and teach the students effectively who are working in the primary and upper primary schools in the area.
  • Also, promote women education, make efforts so parents can enrol their girl child in school. So she can get basic education which is beneficial for their future life. Along with that, DIET also conducts seminars and awareness camps like women sensitization and others.
  • The highly main focus is on the resources and study material that are provided to the teachers are adequate or not.

Functions Of DIETIDAR

  • The focus on the orientation and training of the specified groups:
  1. The first group is the teachers who are teaching in elementary schools.
  2. The second group of headmasters, head department and officer of the education department.
  3. The third Educators of adult education and Non-formal education.
  4.  And the last one is the members of the committee of the village education along with the youth and other students who are volunteer for the Training.
  • Also, Focus on that the materials and the resources which are provided in the training are effective in the development and improvement in the teaching of the educators or not. Along with that, the interaction of the field of teaching with the teachers and instructor is good or not. The implementation of the norms and guidelines entrusted by the central government in the village committee.
  • The research and experiment on the problems which are occurred in the field of education at the district level. Through this, the elimination of the problem will be done and the focus on the objectives of elementary and adult education will occur effectively.

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