Ministry Of Education Information: Departments and Objectives

The ministry of education (MoE) was established on September 26 1985. It is in charge for formulating the national policy on education. The current education minister is Shri Dharmendra Pradhan of the member of council of ministers. Its headquarter lies in Shastri Bhavan Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road New Delhi.

Ministry of Education Information

Name Of OrganizationMinistry of Education
Establishment Date 26 September 1985
Headquarter LocationNew Delhi
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Ministry of Education is divided into two separate departments i.e., department of school education & literacy and department of higher education.

Department of school education and literacy manages the primary, secondary, higher secondary education of schools and literacy all over India. Some of the departments which was created to bring efficiency in school education system.

ministry of education

Department of School Education and Literacy

Here are some educational system which comes under Department of School Education and Literacy,

1. Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE)

It was formed on 3 november 1962. It is a board of education set up for schools in India and its management is done by Union government of India. Its headquarter is in New Delhi, India.

2. National Council of Educational Research and Training  (NCERT)

It was formed on 1961 as an independent body by merging seven national government institutes. Its objective is to construct and manage a national-level system of education which supports the diversity of India. Its headquarters is in Sri Aurobindo Marg, Delhi. And its president is shri Dharmendra Pradhan.

3. Central Tibetan School Administration (CTSA)

It was also formed on 1961. An independent organisation which is forming and managing schools for Tibetian childrens residing in India. It is affilated with CBSE.

4. Kendriya Vidayalaya Sangathan(KVS)

It was formed on 15 december 1963. It is a school system whose objective is to provide education to chidren of Army Personnels. Many a times Army personnel gets posted in different locations in India for their services. So as to facilitate childrens of these personnels, these schools are formed to provide them with necessaty education.

5. National Council For Teacher Education

NCTE was formed on 1995 in New Delhi. It is a statutory body which oversees the teachers education all over India. Its objective is to properly manage and develop teachers education and train individuals to make them able to teach in schools at primary, secondary and higher secondary levels.

6. National Foundation for Teachers’ Welfare

It was formed on 1962 as a nonprofit organisation. The Government of India provides funding to this organisation. Its gives financial reliefs to teachers and their family and assist in teachers childrens futures.

7. Navodaya Vidayalaya Samiti (NVS)

It was formed on 1986. It is a independent organisation under which many system of schools operates. Its functions through an executive committe which formulates policies on the working of the samities.These samities gives assisstance to the vidayalayas activities.

8. National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS)

It was formed on 1989  as a national board of education like CBSE. Its aim is to provide education to every section of society to increase literacy in india.

Department of higher education

Department of higher education manages university level education, languages, technical education, etc. Its connects the students to the education level of outside world.


  • One of the main objective of  Ministry of Education is to formulate the National Policies on Education and oversees the execution of these policies at ground level all over India.
  • Establishing educational institutions and providing quality education to people who have no access to education far and wide. As there are no educational institutions like colleges and universities in rural areas,  students move to urban areas for higher education which interferes with their education and social life which causes frustration and minimizes their learning. By creating educational institutions in these places can help students to get education with ease and it also assist in the development of these areas.
  • The Department assist in providing education to the uneducated and illiterate. And pay lot of efforts to these rural groups where proper education is not provided. Helping them by giving opportunities and reliefs to those peoples.
  • To provide talented students in every section of societies with financial aid like scholarships, loan for higher studies, subsidies, etc. Not every  students are financial strong and as education is very costly, by scoring good ranking in the entrance examination like in NEET, CAT, etc., the ministry subsidizes their yearly fees and provide scholarships if the students scored good numbers in universities semester examinations.
  • By partnering up with international educational institutions, UNESCO, foreign government, universities, etc., to expand educational opportunities for the youth of the country so they can grab the education on various number of fields in the outside world and to form friendly relationship with other communities of people.

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