Government Department Internships In India 2022

Government internships 2022 India has provided a lot of opportunities for the students. Through this, they will get exposure in their studying field. Along with that, they will get practical knowledge which is much better for them.

The internships are in any field like engineering, business, medical, law and much more. Students can go to the official site of the government department in which they want to apply. There are a lot of government departments who provide internships to the students. The online government internships 2022 are on many fields.

Government Internships In India 2022

Here we are providing the details of the government departments for which you can apply for internships program.


This is the department that handles the maintain the diplomatic relation between India and a foreign nation. Students can apply for it through the internship programme and get the opportunity to work on a project having an offsite destination. The duration of the internship is between 1 to 6 months. There are only 30 seats so the competition to get the internship is high. Students also get the stipend under this internship. All the interested students can apply for this through their official website by filling and giving the required documents.

Internship DepartmentMinistry of External Affairs
Eligibility Criteria1. Graduate degree from a recognized university
2. Indian citizens
3. Maximum age of 25 years as on 31 December of the year of internship
Internship IntakeEvery year (January – June and July – December)
DurationSix months
Priority Youngsters from districts under the Transformation of Aspirational Districts Programme (TADP) shall be given priority in the selection process.
Official website for online Application

2. INTERNSHIP IN MINISTRY OF LAW AND JUSTICE (Government Internships For Law Students 2022)

Students who have graduated in the field of law ( undergraduate and postgraduate) can apply for this internship. The internship duration depends upon the project but the maximum is 4 to 6 months. In this internship only 5 students are going to be selected. At the end of the internship students get a certificate which is beneficial for their future. Interested students need to submit their resumes on the official website. The government internship for law students 2022 is starting so send your required documents to the site.

3. INTERNSHIP IN RESERVE BANK OF INDIA (Government Internships For Commerce Students)

This is the department that handles all the banks in Indian territory like Cooperative banks, private banks etc. Students who have graduated in the field of finance, accounts and banking can apply for this internship. Also, the students who graduated with a and B.E having a basic knowledge of computers can apply for this internship. Along with the students having economics, statistical science and data analysis can apply. The duration of the internship is up to 6 months. The government finance internship 2022 is provided in two sessions: the summer and the winter. The starting session of the summer month is January and July is the starting session of the winter. Those students who want to apply for a summer internship need to apply in the month of august. The stipend students get in this internship is of Rs. 35,000 on the monthly basis. All the interested students need to send their resumes to the official website of RBI.


It is a diversified field where students can do administration, environment, IT, Technology, Science etc. It is the place where students get an opportunity to work with or under the guidance of an IAS officer in their office. The maximum duration of the internship is 3 months and can be extended up to 6 months. But there are proper eligibility criteria for getting the internship. The students must either be Undergraduate completed or undergoing. All the students can apply for the internship by getting into their official website. After the completion of the 10th standard students need to start visiting the site and check about the internships.


Through this internship, students will get exposure in the field of Indian parliament. By applying for this internship students get to work under the member of parliament. The students will get a lot of knowledge in the field of government how the decision is made? How does the system actually work? Students below the age of 25 years are eligible for the internship. Also candidates who apply should have a graduation degree which is required. Only students of India are eligible for it.


Students who graduated from the course of IT,CS and electronics can get an opportunity to work under one of the biggest telecommunication companies, which is BSNL. The internship starts in the months of June and may. The duration of the internship is up to 6 months maximum. Students of students for the second/third/fourth year are eligible. The internship and training is theory as well as practical based which will be held 3 days a week. And the other days students spent their time in the training center. All the students need to do is to visit the official website and check that there is an internship or training that has been going on. Students can choose their field as per their need and time. Also the selection of the training and internship occurs on the basis of first come and first served.


Students can go to the nearby Municipal corporation office of their locality. The details of the internship are given to the members of the office. Also, you can contact the office of that municipal corporation for more details about the internship. There are some internships that occur in the time of May and June. Interested students can apply thereby providing the required details to the municipal office

8. INTERNSHIP IN INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY’S (Government Internships For Engineering Students 2022)

They also come under the central government but it is a public entity. The IIT’s also offer internships for the students of undergraduate along with post-graduate. It offered internships in the technology fields with a stipend. The internship which are provided by the IIT’s are of mostly research time and the other one of project basis. Students can apply under the guidance of the PhD professor and students interested in their topic. All the students need to choose the topic in which they are interested and apply the required documents to the professor along with the letter. Why do you need to work under this topic?.


In this students can volunteer themselves to become a part of any NGO they want, they get a stipend and certificate for participation. Most of the NGO are of education, health and women empowerment. So, the students who want to support this can apply for it. It will help you to understand the situation and learn about how to manage things.

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