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National Council for Teacher Education in short or abbreviation NCTE is one of the provisional bodies of the Indian government. Also, under the act, 1993 of the National Council for Teacher Education. Moreover, in 1995, the National Council for Teacher Education started to look and focus on the procedures, standards and processes on the education of India.

NCTE also focused on all the matters of education of the teacher in central as well as in the government of states. The secretariat of the National Council for Teacher Education council is located in the National Council for Educational Research and Training and also the headquarter of this is located in New Delhi.

Also, it has regional offices which are in Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Jaipur, Bangalore. The head office and regional office take all the responsibilities of the working and training of education of the teacher. Although, the regional committee director handles the regional committee of NCTE.

The affiliation of the NCTE council is from the Department of Higher Education in the Ministry of Education. In the year, the chairman of the NCTE is Shri Santosh Sarangi, an Indian Administrative Officer.

National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) Information Information

Name of Organization National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE)
Government Body Ministry Of Education
Official Portal

About NCTE

It is the central body or the main head in the development of the education of teachers. Also, plays a vital role in the designing of the curriculum and evaluation of the education system of the teacher. Along with that, it builds and creates the standard norms for the development of the infrastructure and the minimum qualification which is required to become an educator in the schools and colleges.

The monitoring done by the council is not effective due to which lack of resources, manpower and infrastructure will affect the quality of education training which they are providing are not good. Also, due to this the teachers and teachers educators are lacking in the professional skills of teaching.

objectives of NCTE

  • Throughout the country, there should be developed and uniform coordination of the education of teachers.
  • With this, we can regulate the plans and easily maintain the norms and vital standards in the education of the teachers.
  • Through this, we can train the individual teacher specifically for the teaching of the pre-primary, primary, secondary and senior-secondary in school stages.
  • Along with that, for teaching part-time education, adult education, non-formal and also for the students who are getting education courses through the distance education medium.
  • To identify possible collaboration and synergy between teacher educators and CRC/BRC staff to maintain the support of teachers.
  • To look for the key steps which are needed to build the capacity of teachers and strengthen them. This is ultimately improving and developing the transaction of the classroom.
  • Also, it will support the formulation in improving the education system and support the teacher to give attention and importance to an individual student which cannot be ignored and denied.

Functions of NCTE

  • It conducts the studies and surveys in particular times and situations with respect to teacher education and gives the result of it.
  • Before implementing plans and refinement regarding the programme of the education of teachers. The NCTE asks permission from the central and state government both and the other recognized authorities of India.
  • It also thought that the country monitors the education of teachers and their coordination.
  • It also creates and lays down the minimum educational qualifications which are required to become a teacher in school, colleges and other recognised institutions throughout the country.
  • Along with that, it gives standard guidelines for the admission, schemes courses and training through the process of an examination.
  • It checks, analyzes and examines the guidelines. If there is any need for improvement then it works for it.
  • Also, for the development of education of teachers, it set up new institutions in which new programmes and training on the development of education of teachers can occur.
  • Along with, it controls and focuses on the prevention of the profit-oriented education of teachers.
  • Although, it also performs the task which the central government entrusted to it.

Regulation which is done by the NCTE in 2009

  • Criteria for the eligibility in the Institutions.
  • Focus on the requirement fulfilment for the recognition of the university grant commission.
  • Creation of new norms for the various courses.
  • Along with that, they have power in the relaxation of the norms.

Regulations and Norms of the NCTE

  • Establishment of the duration of courses to become an educator.
  • It also organizes the working days, eligibility criteria, the intake of educators or seats and the procedure required for admission.
  • The criteria of the educator, teachers or staff and their education qualification.
  • The requirement of the terms and conditions of the teacher educators.
  • It also focuses on the facilities provided to the education teachers like infrastructure and instrumental needs.

Organizational set-up of NCTE

  • The head of the council.
  • The committee focuses on the execution of the norms and the standard guidelines,( The Executive Committee).
  • The committee implements the norms in the four regions or can say on the ground level,( The Regional Committee).
  • This committee gives or sends the required things to the council if some norms are not working in their way,( The Appeal Committee).
  • Here, is the committee that inspects if the norms and the guidelines are implemented in the right way or not also if there is any problem faced  by the teacher in the training or programme along with if there is any requirement of the things in the programme,( The Inspection Committee).
  • At last, the committee who visits all the training or programmes of teacher education if everything is going fine or not,( The Visiting Committee).

The NCTE recognized programmer are:

  • DPSE ( Diploma in Pre-school education) makes the educator eligible to teach the students who are in preschool.
  • D.El.Ed ( Diploma in Elementary education) and  B.EL.ED ( Bachelor in Elementary education) make eligible the educator to teach the students who are in elementary school.
  • B.Ed ( Bachelor in Education Degree) and M.Ed ( Masters in Education Degree) make eligible the educator to teach intermediate students.
  • D.P.Ed ( Diploma in Physical education) makes the educator eligible to teach physical education to elementary students.
  • B.P.Ed  ( Bachelor in Physical education Degree) make eligible the educator to teach physical education to intermediate students.

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