Software Developer Internship Training Programme For Software Engineering Students

As in the current era the importance of technology continues to grow, the demand for software engineers is also increasing. Transitioning to a career in software development and programming comes with many benefits, such as full-time employment with the best companies and platforms, earning a lucrative income, and job security.

However, for people who are looking to transition into a technical career, they must overcome one obstacle: experience. Today, high-tech companies want more than a degree when they look at potential employees. Now, more than ever, it is essential that you can show your ability to the workplace in the environment and produce the best results.

With such a strong emphasis on experience, now is one of the best times to start your software Developer internship in the best tech company.

Software Developer Internship Training Programme For Software Engineering Students

  • Software engineering is one of the most complex sought-after professions. It involves the design, development, testing, implementation, and maintenance of software.
  • From your internet browsers and surfs to your movie players and favourite social media, it is all designed by a good-hearted software engineer.
  • Perhaps, that is the reason we have a special place for software graduates and will guide them through internship programs for software engineering students, which will spice up the resume.

7 Best Internships Programs For Software Engineering Students That Pay Stipend

Take a tour of the best 7 internship programs for software developers or engineers who also avail the stipend.

1. E-Fusion Soft Technologies Private limited

Fusion Soft Technologies Private Limited is situated in Noida based web development and mobile app Development Company which is specializing in unique web design, website development programs, mobile app development designs, and search engine optimization majorly.

They are also offering paid internships for software engineering students in PHP development section.

The key responsibilities of an intern will be looking after the integration of user-facing elements developed by front-end developers of the company, build efficient, testable, and reusable PHP modules as soon as possible, solve complex performance problems and architectural challenges, and integrating data storage solutions. 

Company NameE-Fusion Soft Technologies Private limited
Stipend 7,000-12,000
Location Noida

2. Pucho Technology Information Private Limited

Pucho is an artificial intelligence-driven platform where users can ask questions and get answers in their languages using text or voice Performa.

They are looking for software professionals as an intern who are passionate about computers and developing mobile applications. Selected intern’s day to day responsibilities include android app development and testing with real-world users. 

Company NamePucho Technology Information Private Limited
Stipend 35,000-40,000
Location Anywhere in India

3. Growth Hacker Company

Growth Hacker is a famous Digital Marketing company, which provides 360 digital Marketing solutions, Web development, &App Development.

They are also looking for enthusiastic interns who can do web development and creating basic websites for the clients as per the requirement, and to create landing pages for the client. They offer social work conditions and massive scope of learning. 

Company NameGrowth Hacker Company
Stipend 4,000-20,000
Location Delhi

4. Mendini Healthcare Private Limited Company

Mendini is India’s most efficient and engaged high tech user-base in digital healthcare.

India’s first pure-play healthcare content platform offers users verified and truthful information on nearby doctors and clinics.

They are looking for committed and sincere interns to do web development using Yii, Php, jQuery, Mobile application development designs using iOS, Swift, Android Exposure to solving issues around deployment and maintenance in Amazon Cloud – AWS. The intern should be able to sincerely commit for 6 months of internship. 

Company NameMendini Healthcare Private Limited Company
Stipend 8,000-10,000
Location Mumbai

5. Wisitech

The witch has been in the digital solutions business for 19+ years. She has a skilled professional team to provide a complete range of digital solutions to build, establish, and sustain our clients’ digital presence.

The company offering paid internships for software engineering students interested in making a career as Front End Developer.

The candidates must know Angular JS framework with HTML5 and CSS3.

The intern will have to write clean, well-designed code programs, pair with other developers and learn the whole software development process and life cycle, troubleshoot, test, and maintain the core product software and databases to ensure robust optimization and functionality, continue to learn and improve skills as a software engineers and actively applies feedback received for day to day work and strives to improve performance.

Company NameWisitech
Stipend 10,000-20,000
Location Delhi

6. Cash Free

Cash free is a mobile payments company with a mission of making COD payments easy and hassle-free.

They provide software internship opportunities to a rockstar developer who has a good grasp of languages like PHP, Java, and Python & Ruby and rales with complete knowledge of CSS & JavaScript software.

The intern will build web SDKs or Plugins, set up a sandbox stage for various web frameworks, and write integration docs. In return, the intern will get free snacks and lunch!

Company NameCash Free
Stipend 20,000-25,000
Location Bangalore

7. Womaniya Company

Womaniya company is actually started by an IIT Bombay graduates, is a huge mobile platform, which provides informative video content crafted for Indian women in their native Indian languages.

The company is looking for interns to work on REST APIs too, server handling and website hosting programs, writing well-designed, testable, efficient code using best software development practices, and creating a website layout/user interface using standard HTML or CSS practices.

The intern will also be responsible for different integrating data from various back-end services and databases, gathering and refining specifications of a specific programs and requirements based on technical needs, creating and maintaining software documentation with utmost privacy, maintaining, expanding, and scaling the website, and staying plugged into emerging technologies or industry trends and applying them to operations and activities. 

Company NameWomaniya Company
Stipend 5,000-7,500
Location Mumbai

Benefits Of Software Developer Internship

1. Aiding Your Job Search

  • One of the tremendous benefits of an internship program is that it helps you when searching for a new job. Employers and interns love knowing that you can get right to work without having to go through extensive onboarding procedures and many be useless interviews. Having experience working as a software engineer or may be as an intern in the best company, even as an intern, gives you an added advantage over other prospects.
  • Software engineers have the most difficult task of designing, creating, and maintaining software systems with taking in mind about privacy and security too. The position as an software developer intern requires deep knowledge, adaptability and flexibility, and experience to make sure that everything runs smoothly. 

2. Gaining in depth Knowledge and Experience in various fields

  • When you work as a software engineering as on intern post, your task will not be just getting your boss a cup of coffee. You will be assigned work as per your experience with a legitimate company. Programming and maintaining software systems is known complex task, and odds are you will see every aspect of the job throughout your internship.
  • Schools and boot camps are great ways for you to learn how to program, create software systems, and how to design much more, but only on the job will you learn the ins and outs of your position.

3. Creating Connections Through Networking with Other Employees, Companies and Clients

  • Another amazing benefit of working as a software engineering intern in a high tech company is the connections you make with other people, co-employees or may be with the clients. These connections are important as they can advance your career potential and further increase your chances of finding employment after your internship period is over.
  • It’s not just a matter of availing more contacts. Networking is known as the key to finding success in any industry in the current scenario. Even if you don’t continue working as a intern at the company or with client you intern with, you can still build your own high reputation and earn recommendations and reliable references from your more experienced peers.
  • Networking isn’t just about gaining recommendations. Creating relationships with your clients and other workers allows you to learn more about the industry and its strategies. Being on intern post puts you in an excellent position to learn from others and observing them well. 

An internship is known as an excellent source to expose yourself to the thick and thins of the professional world. Additionally, it will also provide a chance to know more about your chosen field. Internship opportunities for software engineering students offer a stepping-stone to future developers and give them time and space to learn and make mistakes and raise the bar.

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